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New to our range are our bath salts.  We have both effervescent and simple bath salts.  We have used a mix of epsom and dead sea salts in our products.  

Epsom salts have been known to have many benefits, I have been an epsom addict for many years!  I swear by them to help ease my aching joints and muscles.  Just take a little look on google to see the health benefits talked about in relation to these amazing salts.  Our Epsom is a natural salt, sourced from Germany, epsom used to be mined in Epsom, Surrey hence the name, however those original wells have not be used for years.  Magnesium Sulphate (epsom's scientific name) was found naturally in mines and caves in Germany and this is where the best quality comes from today.  As we said above ours is the best quality, a little way to see that is when you use the salt in for example a bath the water will remain clear, some imitations can turn your water a brown shade!  This is salt is very popular with athletes or those looking to use it for the benefits of easing aches and pains, use the salt in a warm bath and soak your pains away.  Our salt is FCC grade (this used to be known as BP) this means that the salt is the highest quality Epsom Salt.

The combination of the salt together with your chosen fragrance or essential oil turns your bath time into a spa experience.