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  1. We have just a 3 working day turnaround time!!!

    I hope you are keeping well, I wanted to drop you a line to let you know about some new products that we have launched over on the website and in cash and carry.  We have a new range of Foaming Bath Rocks.  These rocks are amazing just a couple dropped into warm water and you get frothy, foamy fragrance released into your bath, we think that these are going to be so popular with your customers not only because they look and smell amazing but in this climate people will love a product that they can tailor to their budget they can use as little or as much as they like.  You can find the range here

    Still flying out this week and set to be popular all summer are our soap sponges, these are always a huge hit over the warmer months with people loving to use them before tanning to exfoiliate and prepare the skin.  We have a huge range of fragrances to choose from and you can find the whole range here

    If you are looking to restock and haven't ordered in a while then there are 3 ways that you can buy from us:

    • Call in to our cash and carry open Monday to Saturday 
    • Order online from our dedicated trade website
    • Call one of our friendly team and they will pick your order from cash and carry and arrange delivery for you next working day

    If you would like any information prior to making an order or need help on where to start then please call us we will be happy to help.  You can also join our facebook group, we have a friendly group dedicated to our trade customers where you can ask questions, look for tips and information and be the first to know about new products and special offers, find the group here

    The Soap House
    Tel: 01617646109

  2. We have just a 3 working day turnaround time!!!


    I hope you are keeping well, we have been busy in the workshop working on new products and fragrances and also re working products that we have to offer you and your customers the best value possible.

    In this climate we think it is important to let customers know that the products that they buy from you are amazing quality but also fantastic vaue for money.  Just take for example our soap sponges, on average you get up to 300g of soap in a regular soap sponge, that is easily a months worth of use - and more if allowed to dry in between uses - that is such good value.  Available in two sizes and at two price points for those who want to offer a lower cost sponge.  You can find all the sponges in their various sizes and styles here

    In this climate if you have customers who are taking more showers than baths, or some customers don't have a bath at home then it is worth letting them know about our shower steamers, these are a treat for anyone who doesn't have a bath at home, you simply pop it in the corner of your shower tray and as it dissolves it fills your room with your chosen aroma.  We do these in two sizes the large size or in a bag of 6 minis - this means that rather than one shower and being gone then can tailor their own useage and stretch them over 6 showers using one mini each time or pop and extra one in for a more indulgent treat.  You can see both sizes of steamer below and find both sizes of shower steamer here.

    As the warmer weather starts we are finding that our citronella sponges are flying out of the door... fly, bugs... see what I did there.... anyhow the citronella sponges have been hugely popular, if you are looking to stock up you can find them here

    We are adding individual photos of all of the sponges to our website currently so you will be able to see and download the various photographs, which we hope will be of use to you, we have popped below a list of the benefits of our sponges for you to pass on to your customers and a list of our inspired by and other fragrances.

    If you need any help placing an order or would like to call in and see us in cash and carry please let us know.


    The Soap House
    Tel: 01617646109

    Benefits of our soap sponges:

    • Vegan and Cruelty Free
    • Huge Range of fragrances from perfume/aftershave inspired to fruity and essential oils
    • Lasts a month of daily use - allow to dry between uses
    • The Massage side is perfect for exfoiliating skin prior to tanning or using fake tan
    • Our soap base is SLS free and so many find it more gentle for them to use
    • The soap base is high in glycerin and leaves skin feeling moisturised
    • The sponge itself can be re used once the soap has been fully used
    • Exfoiliating available in two sizes our large traditional size and small hand held size
    • Also available in a soft sponge - non exfoiliating design
    • Has on average a whopping 300g of soap in each regular size sponge
    • Easy hand size sponge available
    • Perfect for travel or going to the gym