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  1. Hi Everyone

    Before World Cup fever hits and you all have your feet up in front of the game we thought we would drop  you a line with news of some newbie products that you are going to LOVE!!!

    In addition to the solid shampoos launched last week we have this week launched our luxury liquid bath and shower gel and our luxury handwash.  These are for sale in 1 litre bottles which you can then decant into your own packaging... for those who are really working on being eco friendly we have spoken to customers this week who are running schemes where their customers are bringing their own bottles, pots and jars to be filled - you simiply fill them up and charge them for the amount they use - soooo environmentally friendly and people love it!  If you haven't signed up to #plasticfreejuly yet it is worth a look - they are promoting the ways you can cut out plastic - having customers bring their own bottles is a fab way to do this... for those customers based near us you can of course bring your bottles to us and we will fill them for you when you need a restrock.

    Find the liquid soap range here until the 21st July we have a 10% discount on any of the new liquid soaps, simply enter LIQUID18 at checkout and it will deduct 10% from your liquids. 

    Remember until Sunday the 14th you can receive 10% off your Solid Shampoo loaves, enter SHAMPOO18 at checkout.

    We also have two new summer bath bombs, the raspberry prosecco and the rhubarb gin - they smell amazing!  If you haven't tried the new perfume inspired range that we have yet you need to take a look these are flying out!

    Our workshop is closed this Friday (Gasp for the first time ever Gregg has given us a long weekend in summer!) but there is no rest for the wicked!  I will be available on email and facebook messenger all weekend so please feel free to drop me a line if I can help with your order.

    Hoping the football goes well for those who are watching tonight... have a lovely weekend.

    Kind regards
    The Soap House Team
    Tel: 01617646109

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    Friday 9:30am-3:00pm (Closed Friday the 13th July re opens Monday the 16th July).

  2. We have a new product range available on the website, the solid shampoo bars.  The solid shampoo is available whole for you to slice yourself or sliced by ourselves and you can opt to have it packed in paper, keeping to our plastic free option.

    The Solid Shampoo is available in all of our fragrance range, you simply select which fragrance you want and add to your basket.  In the current high temperatures that we are experiencing in Bury the loaves are taking some time to set so the turnaround time is approximately 7-10 working days - if we can get them to you sooner we will do (anyone else doing a rain dance right now???).  The bars are made in colours to match the fragrance choice ie lemon would be yellow etc.

    We think these bars will be huge for summer, not only are they eco friendly as they don't require plastic bottles etc but they are perfect for travel as you can pop them in your hand luggage, fantastic for your gym bag and everyone is going to love being able to have them matching their favourite perfume!!!  We have popped a discount off them for your first order to try them - simply enter SHAMPOO18 at checkout and it will deduct 10% off your first order of shampoo bars - this offer ends Friday so grab them while you can get the extra discount.

    We have other items that are selling particularly well at the moment - the new fragrances of ice queen (similar to snow fairy), Madam (Similar to Coco Madamoiselle), Olympus (similar to Invictus and Guilty Conscience (Similar to Gucci Guilty)  You can buy the sponge soaps in all of these new fragrances - simply choose them from the drop down menu, the bombs are amazing too - the Midnight Orchid is really popular in the bombs, it's my new favourite!

    As always if you need any help with your order please feel free to drop me a line or give me a call (I am in the office from 9:30-3pm) but you can always reach me on email.

    Kind regards
    The Soap House Team

    Tel: 01617646109
    ** When placing your order remember you can always pop in our workshop and collect your order, we will call you as soon as your order is ready :)