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Here at The Soap House we are all about thinking of different ways to help our customers increase their sales, many of our customers sell via craft stalls or party plan and a new idea that we have is our sample pots.  These little pots have samples of our soaps so that your customers have test the fragrances... whilst people can imagine a fragrance such as strawberry it's lovely to be able to smell the actual scent and see just how delicious ours really is!

Each pot has a sample of soap which is the colour that the main body of the soap is, it is fragranced just as our bars are and each pot has a lid which means they are easy to take from event to event.  To order them simply pop to our samples page and choose the fragrances which you would like to have.

Giving your customers more fragrances to try is a great way to tempt more sales and it means that whilst you may carry a small range of stock you can offer a wide range ready for sales.  You can find our sample pots here.

Give them a try!

 Sample Soap


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