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Whilst we might only just be in November the Christmas season is definitely upon us, this last couple of weeks we have been incredibly busy with both new and existing customers all stocking up ready for the Christmas rush!

We are working really hard to keep to our 3-5 working day turn around on our orders, to keep to this we are now open 7 days a week in the run up to Christmas and we also have two new pairs of hands helping in the workship in the lovely Amy and Alice! 

We have added some options to our site for you to choose custom colours and fragrances, we can also source fragrances for you which we don't currently offer, on these orders we will have to take a little longer to produce your order as we will have to order in the fragrances for you, we always test samples of any new fragrances before making up orders and then we will need our usual 3-5 days to produce the order fresh for you.  If you have ideas and want to run them by us or if you would like to have us come up with an idea for you, please feel free to get in touch, you can always talk to someone from the workshop who can work on ideas with you.

We always produce our products fresh to order, the benefit for you is that your products are incredibly fresh and have a fantastic shelf life, we know that you often need your orders urgently and if you need them sooner than the 3-5 days if you contact us we will always do our best to accomodate you.

We are going to do our best to stick to the 3-5 day turnaround even though things are definitely getting hectic!  The bonus of us being seven days in the workshop is that if you have queries you can get in touch with us every day (although you find that we always do our best to answer queries outside of office hours anyway), if things change with our timescales we will update you in our blog so please keep checking back...

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