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We have had a busy old week here at The Soap House, and so far it has been all about bathbombs... we had a pretty huge order for a range of bathbombs, we love making these although they can be kind of tricky!

We offer a wide range of fragrances now in our bombs which sit really well along side our soaps, everyone has a favourite and for me that is lavender, our lavender bathbomb is infused with not only lavender oil but lavender flowers is just delicious (erm though not for eating lol!) it relaxes me just opening the wrapper, yesterday we had a wander to the beach on a vary rare day off, after a day in the sun the lavender bathbomb was a fab soother on our pink sandy skin and I always thinks it helps having an early night... The scent of Lavender is just so relaxing!

 One of our most popular bathbombs at the moment is the English Rose, we have been playing with the design of this and it now features a rose flower which is so pretty... take a peek below and let us know what you think.


rose bathbomb









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