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Rosemary oil shampoo

I hope you have had a good week?  We have been busy catching up on orders but also we have launched a new product which I am so excited to tell you about.


If you have been on tik tok lately or instagram I am sure you will have seen the absolute craze for rosemary oil on hair and on the scalp, we have been busy working behind the scenes formulating and getting ready to launch our scalp massaging solid shampoo bar - it is made using pure rosemary essential oil along with aloe vera and it is amazing!!!  You simply wet your hair with warm water, wet the massager and use it to massage the scalp and hair, it is SLS Free but has a fantastic foam - rinse away once you have finished cleaning the hair, suitable for vegans and liquid free to perfect for travel, we think that this is going to be huge, we have all loved testing it.  You can order it on the website, wholesale now at an introductory 10% off!  You can find it here This is a perfect product for your socials!


While you are placing your order for the rosemary shampoos it’s the perfect time to stock up on your soap sponges, jam packed with soap, these super heavy sponges offer your customers excellent value for money and you a good profit margin.  They are available in 145 fragrances and essential oils but the citronella has been crazy busy this week!  You can find all of the sponges here!


If you haven’t seen we have a new fragrance of the month - fruit salad is May’s special fragrance, if you haven’t tried it before it smells just like the little chewy sweets and it smells so so good.  It is packed full of fruity notes, the products in fruit salad are on offer with 10% off so it is a great time to try them, you can find them here


If you haven’t been on the website lately you may not have seen that we have added to our payment methods you can still pay by debit and credit card, but you can also use paypal pay later or pay in three, these can be really useful when you need a top up.  We can also pop a pay later button on the website so that you can place your order and call up and make payment when it is ready to ship or be collected - it can be really useful if you have to wait a few days for your weekend takings to land, if you want to use this facility just give us a call or drop us a line and we will set it up for you.


If you need any help placing your order please get in touch, myself and the team are here to help.


Terri and the Soap House Team


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