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Having looked forward to Christmas and the break for so long it has passed so, so quickly!  We are back open now following the holidays and raring to go for the new year.

January is a perfect time to look at your business and see what you can improve or change.  If you haven't stocked a product before is this a good time to try it?  Which are your bread and butter every day sales products such as our soap sponges that sell all year around, what added value can you give to sales such as having small items by your till to tempt customers at checkout, have you a salon where you can add a small extra sale to each client such as a soap sponge or a shower whip - they really add up.

Adding extra sales is a great way to increase your turnover and profit particularly in this climate every sale counts.  Have you heard of the lipstick effect?  We read a really interesting article about this just prior to Christmas in one of the newspapers about how in difficult financial climates some businesses thrive, the ones that do well are what they call the lipstick effect where people in tough financial times choose to spend their money on small treats for themselves or others - typically cosmetics and products like ours.  So if you haven't stocked this type of product with this price point then now is a great time to try them.

Talk to and get to know your customers either in person or on social media, which fragrances do they like?  We have over 100 to choose from is there a fragrance that you haven't tried that your customers would love?  Facebook groups and tiktok are a great place to make contact with your customers.  We have lots of photos on our social media that you can use to show your customers.

Sometimes it is also good to see the products in person, we now have two shops where you can visit to see (and buy) the products at wholesale prices, we have our factory and shop in Bury, Greater Manchester and also a shop right on the border of Cumbria at Carnforth.  Both have friendly knowledgeable staff who can help you choose our best selling products.

If you ever need help placing an order then get in touch we are always happy to help!

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