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We wanted to talk about Summer Sales... we know the current climate is tricky and people are thinking carefully about where to spend their money and what to spend it on so we thought we would give you some tips on our best selling products, these are the products that are flying out of the workshop now to our highest buying customers and the products that we have sold consistently more of every year since we started in 2012!

At number 1 your best selling product not only now but the whole year through is the soap sponge!  Our soap sponges are in our opinion the best on the market - the reasons why... we have the largest selection of fragrances, our sponges are packed with soap, you get on average a whopping 300g in our large sponges, they offer amazing value for money being cheaper in many cases that the 100g lightweight sponges you find at other wholesale companies, they are popular the whole year through but with tanning/fake tanning and travel at their peak this is when the soap sponges start to race ahead, you can buy them in two exfoiliating sizes from us and the smooth non exfo sponge too.  You can find the whole range here 

Benefits of our soap sponges:

  • Vegan and Cruelty Free
  • We have the biggest range of fragrances inc perfume/aftershave inspired/fruity/essential oils
  • Lasts a month of daily use - allow to dry between uses
  • The Massage side is perfect for exfoiliating skin prior to tanning or using fake tan
  • Our soap base is SLS free and so many find it more gentle for them to use
  • The soap base is high in glycerin and leaves skin feeling moisturised
  • The sponge itself can be re used once the soap has been fully used
  • Exfoiliating available in two sizes our large traditional size and small hand held size
  • Also available in a soft sponge - non exfoiliating design
  • Has on average a whopping 300g of soap in each regular size sponge
  • Easy hand size sponge available
  • Perfect for travel or going to the gym
  • Available packed in cello, naked and coming soon our clamshells for travel

Next up - Shower Whips, again while popular the whole year through we find in summer they really come into their own, we have a huge range of fragrances and you can choose from single colour, double colour or tri colour whips. Find the whole range here

  • Perfect for baths or showers just lather a small amount with warm water between the hands
  • long lasting - a small amount lathers a long way
  • Ideal for travel in our smaller pot size
  • Excellent for shaving
  • Highly moisturising
  • Available in a huge range of perfume and aftershave inspired/fruity/essential oils

If you love a whip then the sugar scrub is a good addition for you, just as moisurising but with the added benefit of the gentle exfoiliation of the sugar, perfect for smoothing pre tanning.

  • Perfect for bath or shower
  • long lasting - a small amount should be lathered with warm water and gentle rubbed ino the skin
  • Ideal for travel
  • Perfect for pre fake tanning
  • Highly moisturising
  • Available in a huge range of perfume/aftershave inspired/fuity and essential oils.

If you top your shop up with these summer essentials you will find a boost to your sales, just adding one of these products to each customer purchase could see a huge boost for you - make sure to tell your customers about all the benefits in your facebook groups, tiktok and on insta - people love hearing about what they are buying.

We mentioned in our last newsletter about the clamshells coming for sponges, I've popped a couple of photographs below for you so you can see how well the sponges fit inside them - we know that a lot of you will want to add them to your existing stock or offer them for sale separately to customers who can add them at the till/checkout - again giving you added value and so we have popped them for sale on their own - you don't have to buy your sponges pre packed in them - if you have 200 sponges in stock and are ordering another 100 for example you will be able to add 300 shells if you want to.  We have also pushed the price right down with them costing just 38p plus vat... you can add as many or as few as you want, you can find the clamshells here  You can see we have also ensured our clamshells have bevels on the bottom to allow the sponge to dry between uses.


If you need any help placing an order or if  you need products in a hurry please give one of our friendly team a call on 01617646109.

Have a great weekend


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