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We have just a 3 working day turnaround time!!!

I hope you are keeping well, I wanted to let you know about a new product that we have launched!  We have taken a good while to really think about this not only the product and how it works, but how it is packaged and to get it at a good price point for you and your customer.  We know in the current climate customers may be looking to cut back on what we call a one and done product such as a bath bomb - one bath and it is used, gone, finished.  Customers are now more savvy and want something that is better value for money.  Our Bubble Bars are a 5 snap bar that they can snap one piece from and use for five baths or they can use more for an extravagent bath - they can tailor it to their needs and more importantly their budget.  The Bar wholesales to you at £1.50 per bar and we recommend a selling price of around £3.50 that is just 70p per bath for them.  The bar is in a handy clamsell which means that it is stored in the best conditions.  The clamshells themselves we have sourced ones that are made from recoupled PET which is made from 88% recycled plastic and the other 12% is made from virgin polymer.  They are fully recycleable when you have finished using them just pop them in the recycling.

They are available in a wide range of fragrances in complimentary colours, we think that they will be huge - if you sell wax melts and other bath products they will sit so nicely along side them.  You can find them here 

In other news we have just a 3 working day turnaround, that is on all products including soap sponges which are flying out of the door!  Remember we offer 3 sizes and you can find the range here

Our cash and carry is closed this Thursday, Friday and Saturday for the Jubille weekend but we will be back open first thing Monday and in the meantime you can place your orders online.  Have a wonderful weekend.


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