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5 working day turnaround time!

We have a 5 day turnaround time on bombs, sponges, mop bombs and soap loaves!

We have been working around the clock at The Soap House HQ and we are flying through orders.  We now have a super fast turnaround time on all products including bath bombs and soaps.

If you need products even faster then why not visit our friendly cash and carry and take away products on the same day!  Not local?  Not a problem you can book a virtual appointment and we will box products over the phone and dispatch the same day (postage is payable).  We still have some appointments available for the cash and carry this week, just give us a ring or drop us a line if you would like to pop in.

Minimum spend is £75 plus VAT (£90), however if you are already coming to collect an order we can book you in for the same time and there is no minimum spend. One of the benefits of using the cash and carry is that you don’t have to buy in 6’s.

Enjoy makin your own products?  You can also buy ingredients like 25kg bags of bicarbonate of soda, citric acid, Epsom salts and soap making ingredients. Just let us know beforehand and they can be ready to collect when you visit the cash and carry.

You will have sole use of the cash and carry for your appointment, unless you would like to bring 1 other person with you (to help you carry items etc).

We look forward to seeing you soon.

The Soap House Team
Tel: 01617646109

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Bath Bombs

We have bath bombs in a huge range of fragrances, from fresh and fruity, retro sweets and essential oils to fragrances inspired by fine perfume and aftershaves, shop the range here:

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Soap Sponges

These are consistently a best selling product for us available in all fragrances including the inspired by fine perfume and famous aftershaves.  Available in exfoiliating, soft, large and mini.

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