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If you love your bath bombs and have decided to take the plunge and start making some for yourself to use then look no further as we have all of the ingredients that you will need.  We sell the dry bath bomb ingredients needed to make your basic bath bomb along with a range of fragrances and cosmetic colours that you can use to personalise your bath bomb.  If you are not sure what to start with then we also have some handy kits which we have put together with ingredients to make a batch of 10 bath bombs.  You can buy bath bomb ingredients here.

A basic bath bomb receipe is two parts bicarbonate of soda to one part citric acid (some people use a 3:1 ratio but in our experience a 2:1 ratio makes a harder and smoother bath bomb).  You then add in your other ingredients of fragrance and colour.

We also sell bath bomb moulds, our moulds make a 60mm sphere bath bomb, the mould is in two parts in an easy to use, de mould and clean plastic.  You can find the moulds here.

We are going to be launching shortly our beginner and advanced bath bomb courses online where by you will receive the ingredients to make your bath bombs along with written step by step instructions and hints and tips.  

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