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We have found that there are more people than ever looking to earn a little more money or to diversify their current business, as the Government reduce the assistance that people are receiving many will be trying to increase their income and looking for different products to add to their existing stock or to look for a new business line.

While your customers feel the pinch and have less money in their pockets many will take the view that the only way to increase sales is to try and add value to existing sales by upselling or to improve on the number of sales that you make.  It is very hard in this day and age to try and sell a more expensive product to increase turnover, our retail businesses have told us that where people may have had a budget of £20-30 to spend on a birthday gift for family or friends many have since that spend reduce to £10-15.  This reduction in budget is where soaps and bathbombs can be a perfect product line to add to your portfolio of goods.  The retail value of the product is low and the quality high, most customers appreciate buying a product that is not only made in England but is an artisan product that is handmade.  The soaps and bath bombs are a perfect talking piece, you can and we encourage that you do, talk to customers about the various fragrances, what is your most popular best selling fragrane (bubblegum is always ours) talk about the fragrance and the feelings and memories that it provokes (the bubblegum I would always say it takes me back to those school days the smell evoking memories, the rhubarb and custard and parma violet are also great fragrances to be talking points).  Talk about the products and how they are bright and colourful and fun and funky looking.  Having items that match in terms of colour or fragrance is a great way to give added value to a sale, if someone is buying a soap slice you can upsell the matching bathbomb or foot soap to increase the value of your sales.  Think about making gift baskets or bags including varities from the same fragrance line such as a relaxing lavender pamper pack or an uplifting lemongrass range.  Think about a soap with a bathbomb and maybe a foot soap or a sponge soap slice.  We sell some gorgeous little jute bags which are fab for making gift bags up, if you have some ready made gift packs and then also allow people to buy the bags and add in their own choice.

If you are new to selling and are starting out at say craft fairs then get to know your customers and your market, the sweetie range is always a good starting point for most customers, the bubblegum, sherbet lemon, parma violet, rhubarb and custard and cherry or strawberry, you can choose to buy the products that you want such as our soap loaves, bathbombs and feet soap, or you can look to choose a retail package where we put together for you a range of our best sellers, you can choose just soap slices or bathbombs or have a mix of both, take a look at our retail packages to get a good idea of our range, you can find our retail packages by clicking here.

And as always if you need any help in choosing products then please feel free to email us at [email protected] or call us on 01706 827 825.

Happy Soaping Terri

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