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We are constantly looking at ways to improve our products for our customers and in turn to increase your sales.  One area that we have had many of our customers talk about is point of sale... customers have asked if we can provide posters, cards etc all as point of sale and branding for our products and that is something that we are due to launch very shortly.

When placing your order you will have the option of adding to your order various items that will brand your products, from our research with retail customers we have found that customers enjoy buying products which have an associated brand, that finishing touches such as ribbon, tags etc all promoting that the product is handmade would encourage them to buy the products especially as gifts, therefore we will initially be launching posters for you to display in your shop etc, product cards advising about our products and ethos of always being handmade, gentle and highest quality, swing tags for our bathbombs and ribbon for our soaps.  The ribbon you will be able to gift wrap your products with, this we have found encourages the purchase of for example one bar to three bars all packaged prettily with ribbon... It all helps add value to your sales.

We will stil be selling personalised ribbon that you can print with your own business information but we will be offering soap house branded ribbon at significant discounts and the swing tags, we hope that this will encourage your sales.  We also have art work available for those who do craft fairs etc that they will be able to have printed into banners useful for advertising what you are selling and again that it is proudly handmade and high quality.  We can email artwork to you or have the banners printed and delivered to you.

The artwork will be available shortly and we will be enclosing samples in every order that is dispatched, you will then be able to select if you wish to have the branding on all future orders.

It's so excited, we hope you love it!

The Soap House

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