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If you are new to The Soap House, welcome, we are a wholesale trade soap and bathbomb Company, we also sell ingredients at wholesale prices to make your own bathbombs and soaps.

If you are new to selling soap then we are here to help!  If you need any help working out mark ups or ideas for creating displays then please get in touch!  We sell to a wide number of customers who have shops, craft stalls, internet businesses and those who are looking to fund raise for charities.  Whatever your circumstances we can offer you hints and tips to help increase your sales.

All of our soap and bath products have a minimum mark up of 2.5%, in many cases more, for example our soaps you can buy for as little 71p per slice and our RRP is £2.50 so the potential for profit is fantastic, with a long shelf life and a wide range of fragrances they are definitely a great addition to your product range.

If you are looking to start making your own products then we can help you to source your ingredients, we sell wholesale melt and pour soap bases and wholesale bathbomb making ingredients, again we can give you hints and tips to get  you started on your soapy journey. 

So whether you are looking for wholesale soaps or bathbombs, or whether you are looking to start making your own products we can help.  You can find our full range in our online shop.

Remember if you need any help just get in touch!

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