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If you are new to The Soap House and new to selling soap a fantastic place to start choosing products is our retail packages section.  The retail packages have especially been put together to offer you fantastic wholesale value soap and bathbombs but also to get a range of our best sellers.  We choose our best selling fragrances and give you a wide range of scents to get you started on your soap selling journey.

It can be difficult when you first start selling a product to choose which fragrances are best for you, often we are drawn to our own personal favourites, in choosing a retail packages you can gain a wider choice at a fantastic price, we always include best sellers and seasonal favourites, hot favourites are our bubblegum and lemon so for example you will find those included.

If you ever need a helping hand in choosing products we are only an email or a phone call away and we are always happy to offer advice :)

You can find our retail packages range by clicking here

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