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There are always soaps that will be "best sellers" that no matter what time of the year or where in the Country they are going to they are popular each and every month, some soaps are seasonal such as our cinnamon soaps although we sell them all year from October/November they really become more popular as we are all wanting more festive fragrances.  One of our most popular scents across soap loaves, bathbombs and our soap bakery cakes is month in and month our our Lemon, it is always incredibly popular, it is a fresh zesty scent that customers order time and time again. 

This last two months have seen a new soap taking over... it was launched mid March and as soon as customers began receiving their first orders they were quickly re-ordering... it is the fruit salad scent, if you haven't tried it yet it is just gorgeous, it smells just like the fruit salad sweeties that we all remember from our childhood, it is sweet and fresh a real melody of our favourite fruits!  If you haven't already given it a try then why not pop a bakery cake or a pack of bathbombs on your next order - we are sure you will love them.


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