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Our layered bakery soap cakes are beautiful made from different layers of soap to create an eye catching effect.  Available in any fragrance from our soap loaf range and introducing the Christmas Fragrances too.

They have an oat base which is beautifully exfoiliating with the scrubby oat pieces, then a fresh, bright fruity layer followed by a whipped top layer, very eye catching and beautiful to use!

We have an SRP of £3.50 per slice although we have known many retail these styles of soap at £3.99 a slice, the cake measures a whopping 26cm in diameter and each cake slices into 12 generous slices.

The Cake will be supplied whole and wrapped in cello, you can opt to have the cake sliced by ourselves for a nominal charge.

When displaying items such as Bakery soap cakes which imitateor look similar to food, they should be marked as non food items or it should be made clear with the packaging that it is not edible.

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