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I hope you have had a good weekend?  We had a little snow but there wasn’t too much disruption.  We have been mega busy in the workshop getting orders ready to be sent out… lots of you are restocking after a busy weekend!


This winter we have worked hard on our turnaround times to make sure that we can get orders out to you so you can sell your products even faster.  We have also a huge stock at Bury so if you take on a last minute event or have a mad busy day in your shop you can call in or ring us and we will restock you.  Good products to buy online that ship fast are our random sponge packs, random £100 pack, Random Whip Pack.  Don’t turn down an event or sale - we can help get you stocked!  You can also visit our Bury Cash and Carry and take away products the same day!


If you are looking for top sellers for your shop or stall we have our top 15 fragrances which if you haven’t tried you might want to have a look at we have Athena (inpsired by Olympia), Belle (inspired by La Vie Belle), Billionaire (Inspired by Creed), Dash (Inspired by Rush), Elegance (Inspired by Chanel number 5), Fierce (Inspired by Sauvage), Ice Queen (Inspired by Snow Fairy), Halo (Inspired by Good Girl), Millionaire (Inspired by Lady Millions), Mr Millions (Inspired by One Million), Shake ya Bum Bum (inspired by Bum Bum Rio De Janeiro), Space Girl ( Inspired by Alien) and Twilight (Inspired by Black Opium). These perfume and aftershaves are always in our top sellers - at this time of year Ice Queen in particular goes insane!


Selling really well this Christmas are our Perfume Sprays.  They are for your skin and so can be sprayed on the body just like any high street perfume but they are eau de parfum and so super long lasting, we have them available in all of our best selling perfume and aftershave fragrances, you can find them here.  They start at just £4 a bottle with an RRP of £10.00!  You can choose from clear or black bottles to suit your branding.


If you are looking where to start with your Christmas range we have put together an ultimate starter pack it has everything in that you need to stock a stall or a shop display, you can find it here!


If you need any help placing an order at all please drop me a line or give me a call, we are happy to help.


Have a great week!



The Soap House

Tel: 01617646109

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