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I hope you have had a busy week, we are just about to close for the Easter weekend, our workshop and cash and carry are now closed until Tuesday morning but you can still shop online and make an Easter saving. If you place an order between now and Monday evening use code EASTER at checkout and save 10% off everything! This includes all products but also ingredients and everything already in our sale section - so you can make even more savings and more profit!


We have a new fragrance this week which has been flying out Iced Eucalyptus, it is inspired by Frosted Eucalyptus and it smells so clean and fresh! You can buy it in all products but it has done particularly well in carpet shakers, shower steamers and the mop bombs.

Another massive product this week has been our Soap Sponges, with holiday season starting they are flying out at the moment. We have over 145 fragrances and essential oils to choose from.  The soap sponges have so many positives which make them super popular with customers:

  • Vegan Friendly

  • SLS Free

  • Lasts over a month with daily use

  • High Glycerine content to leave skin feeling moisturised

  • Travel friendly

  • Exfoliating side

  • Perfect for pre self tanning

  • Removes stubborn fake tan

  • Can be bought with a handy travel case clamshell


If you haven’t tried the clamshells yet they are really popular, we currently have them for the large sponges, we designed one that has ridges at the bottom to allow the sponge to drain well and last longer, it clicks closed so is ideal for travel and your customer can use it again and again.  We suggest a retail selling price of £1 per shell to your customer.  They are made from up to 80% recycled material and once your customer has finished with it they can recycle it. You can find the clams here 


If you make your own soap sponges did you know that you can buy the sponges themselves from us?  We have the pure whit sponges which are perfect when you want to make pastel shades, we have 3 sizes for sale the regular large exfoliating sponge, the mini exfoliating and the soft round.  You can find the range here  We don’t just have the sponges, you can buy the soap base from us at just £50 for a 11.5 kilo box ex vat and we also have the clamshells or the bags for you to wrap them in too, we know that you all love to buy your sponges direct from us and we love making them for you but if there is one that for example you need to match a wax melt that we don’t do you know that you can buy the ingredients and make it yourself, we hope that this is helpful for you.


The soap swirls have been selling really well we have some mixed packs in the shop and online now so you can take a variety of colours and fragrances to try, they are so pretty, if you haven’t tried them yet maybe pop some on your order.   You can find them here The soap swirls are a solid soap which has so many selling features:

  • Vegan Friendly

  • SLS Free

  • Lasts over a month with daily use

  • High Glycerine content to leave skin feeling moisturised

  • Travel friendly


To give everyone chance to try them we have stocked the Bury cash and carry with them already and you can order online with an extra discount on top of the 10%, find them here

If you need a reminder of our fragrances take a look below I’ve popped a list on with all of the fragrances and their inspired by fine scents.

While the shop and workshop are closed for Easter please feel free to drop us an email or message us on facebook/inst if you need any help with placing an order and I will get back to you, have a wonderful long weekend.


Best wishes


Terri x


The Soap House

Tel: 01617646109

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