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Have you ever thought about making your own bath bombs?  Maybe you have tried and can't quite get your mix right.  We run bath bomb courses that would be perfect for you.  We currently have two levels of bath bomb course but if you are new to making or can't quite get the hang of things then we really recommend that you start with our beginners course.

The beginners course is always run in a small group usually of around 5.  With two instructors it means that you get lots of oppotunity to ask questions and have personalised attention.  During the beginners course you will cover ingredients and the percentages used, colouring, fragrancing, mixing, moulding and de moulding.  You receive course notes to take home with you and you take all of the bathbombs that you make home too.  On average you will make around 9-10 bath bombs.  

You can purchase more ingredients to take home and practice with and you will receive a discount on further course bookings.  We have many people who wish to do the beginners course and immediately do the advanced course the following day or even that afternoon.  We would always recommend against this as you won't get your full moneys worth.  Once you have done your beginners course you will get so much more out of it if you go away and have a good few practices at making your bathbombs, master making a simple bomb before you start trying more complicated mixes.

If you are interested in booking a course you can find the latest dates here

For those who are a little further away from ourselves then we are introducing a correspondence course option where by your can purchase a kit containing the ingredients needed to make your own bath bombs, course notes and a dedicated email address for help and assistance.  You will be able to find the online option in our shop here

If you are unsure which course would be best for you then please get in touch with us as we are here to help and are happy to answer any queries that you may have.  You can contact us by email at [email protected]


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