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If you have seen Ramsbottom in the news lately with the flooding damaged caused in Lancashire and Yorkshire this is where our workshop is based.  On boxing day our lovely little village was hit with horrendous flooding which saw the 200 year old pub crumble away and collapse into the river and many homes flooded and damaged.  

Having had the work shop open 7 days a week during December Gregg our owner was more than ready for a break when Christmas arrived and the workshop closed on the 23rd.  Luckily escaping the damage he volunteered from Boxing day onwards helping to clear peoples homes and try and get them back home and safe, the locals have really pulled together working to help all of the families who fell victim to the flood.  I'm unable to help with the physical work due to my health but have helped with the admin of the facebook and twitter and setting up a just giving page for the locals.  It has been a truly heartwarming experience to see how the local people have all mucked in to help the families.  But from further afield we had offers of decorators from London coming up to help and many people turning up with countless bottles of bleach and mops... this really is the Christmas spirit that you hope to hear about!  So if you see us on the news (please god we are hoping that "Frank" doesn't cause us any further damage tonight!) now you know how pretty our little village is even when storm battered!  Happy, safe and healthy new year to you all,


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