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As Christmas approaches as we have more and more traffic coming to our website we have popped a link on our home page to our retail website Ramsbottom Soap Co.  You might ask why our retail site is called Ramsbottom Soap co and not The Soap House?  The answer is simple, we could name our retail site the same as our wholesale with a different domain but as a stockist would you rather have your supplier information and prices kept to yourself?

Our retail site contains the products that you will find here on our trade site but at retail prices, these are the RRPs that we suggest you sell your products at... the actual price that you use is however always your own choice to make.

Over on our retail site our products are branded with Ramsbottom Soap Co swing tags on our bath bombs and salts etc and our soap slices are branded with our Ramsbottom Soap Co ribbon.  If you would like to have this branding added to your order then please email or speak to us and we can arrange this for you.

Should you want to look at our retail site you can find it here.

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