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It can be hard if you haven't stocked a product line before to know where to start, how much of a product do you need?  What are the best sellers?  How do you display them to their best advantage?

If you are new to selling soaps and are wondering which products to choose from then there are a number of different ways to choose your stock.  You can make a list of your favourite fragrances and then begin adding different products from that fragrance line to your basket, you can choose a type of product such as soap and go for a variety of fragrances in that type of product or you can ask for a mixed pack of the best sellers to be chosen by us.

Consider which fragrances you like as you may find it easier to connect with customers when talking about your preferred scents and fragrances, if you prefer more citrus scents for example rather than floral fragrances.  You could choose from our best selling list and use that as your first point of call for best sellers, we find that month in month out the best selling fragrances are always what we call our retro sweetie range, these fragrances seem to be popular with everyone wherever they may be in the UK.  The fragrances are those like Bubblegum, sherbert lemon, Parma Violet, Rhubarb and Custard, Apple and Watermelon.  These fragrances are always popular whether they be in soaps, bathbombs or in one of our fun products such as our fresh feet pumice soaps.

Going for a popular fragrance line for example bubblegum is a good place to start, we would recommend that you choose if you are working to a budget a small range of fragrances say 3-4 and then choose a variety of products within that range, so if you have the bubblegum soap complement it with a bubblegum bathbomb or foot soap etc.  You will often find that customers team up products particularly if buying gifts and so it allows you to add value to your sales, a purchase for a slice of soap at £2.50 can become a gift set of a soap slice, bathbomb and matching foot soap increasing your turnover and return.

Looking to put together gift sets is another way of increasing revenue, customers sometimes can't picture themselves making up a gift pack but in even just wrapping a small selection of products in cello wrap or placing them in a jute bag they can see the products more easily as a gift.  We have always found in retail that we have benefitted from having individual products for sale but also pre made gift sets and packs.

How much product to buy is also a tricky question to answer if you are new to selling soaps and bathbombs, it depends very much on the display that you are looking to create and whether you are solely selling soaps and bath/body products or whether they are sitting along side another range, this really in most cases has to be guided by your budget, if you are looking to get as wide a range of fragrances as possible without blowing the budget on buying lots of whole loaves and packs of bathbombs, a good option for you can be our retail seller packs, these start at just £20 and you can choose from having a mixed pack of bathbombs, soaps, soap cakes or a mixture of them all.  We will choose fragrances that compliment each other and are known excellent sellers, we do have a top ten product list on our website but when sending out a mixed retail pack we don't stick to that range we will mix the products to ensure you have a good variety.

And last but not least feel free to talk to us... you are always welcome to give our office a call and have a chat about the area that you are looking to stock or display and we will talk you through a good budget, ideas for displays and guide you with products, please feel free to email or call us - we are here to help!  You can call us on 01706 827 825 or look at our contact us page for further information.


So if you are still on the fence and considering stocking bath and body products... stop thinking and get ordering, it really is a lovely range to have in your shop, on your stall or for your party plan business, the industry is one experiencing growth and from our experience customers really appreciate and value a product which is handmade, artisan and very reasonable to buy.

You can find our full range of products in our online shop, click here


Happy soaping and shopping!

The Soap House

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