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Have you ever wanted to make your own bath bombs?  Whether you are looking for a new hobby or a new business venture our bath bomb courses are the perfect way to gain the knowedge of how to make your own products without making mistakes!  We run monthly courses for beginners through to advance makers in making bathbombs and soaps.   Our courses are intended to cover the practicalities of how to make your products.  We will be introducing shortly a further course called Business Knowledge, this course will be covering the legalities of selling with advice on all aspects of the "paperwork" side of the industry.  Any person booking on one of our "making" courses below will receive a discount should they wish to book a place on our business knowledge course once launched.  You can book one of our courses by clicking here. Our courses are approximately 2 hours in length or we also offer a day course option where you receive more in depth training which can be one on one.  The courses take place in Ramsbottom, Bury, Lancashire, perfect for anyone travelling within the North West.  Ramsbottom is just off the M66 motorway and has good public transport links.  We have parking facilities at our venues and can offer advice on accommodation for those wishing to stay overnight.


Join us on one of our sessions to learn the basics through to how to make an artisan bathbomb.

Our beginner course lasts approximately 2 hours and covers ingredients, percentages of ingredients, mixing and making a final product.

Our advanced course teaches different bathbomb styles and designs, making two/three tone bathbombs and more.  This course also advises on where to buy ingredients and gives those taking part a discount on any future orders buying the ingredients for your bathbombs from ourself.


Our soap making courses teach you how to make your own artisan soap loaves.

Our beginner course teaches you the difference in soap bases, melting your soap base, colouring and fragrancing.

Our advanced course teaches you how to make more artisan soaps such as multi layer soaps, soaps with embedded shapes and how to perfect the finish of your soap loaves.

Soap Bakery Cake Course

In this course we teach you how to make soap bakery cakes, we recomend this course for those who have already completeled the advanced course as it requires multi layer ability.

To book a course simply select and add to your basket, we run our courses at weekends to allow those who are working to attend.  We can run week day courses if that is a preference.  We can also provide private bath bomb and soap making sessions for an individual where we can go through the beginners through to advanced in one day session, there will be an additional charge for a private session but you have the added benefit of being able to choose your own date and you can adapt the course to your needs.  We are happy for the private session to be attended by more than one person so this is an excellent option for friends/family who are looking to make products together.  The price of a private session does not increase with more attendees it is a fixed fee.

These sessions are aimed at adults and we recomend them for ages 16 and over, we also run children/teenager fun workshops which you can also book via our website.

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  1. Elaine Amos

    Please can you tell me if you are still running your bath bomb courses please.

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  2. Natasha Davis

    Hi, can you tell me where your courses are held, and how much they cost for bath bomb making.

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