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Have you ever thought about making your own soaps?  Here at the Soap House we sell a range of soap making ingredients including the melt and pour base that you need to make M + P soaps.  Making melt and pour soaps is completely addictive so be warned once you start many people just can't stop!  Whether you are making for yourself or whether you are looking to start a new venture soap making is really good fun.

Using melt and pour couldn't be easier, you can start without needing lots of technical equipment you can use many of the things that you will already have in your kitchen cupboard, a chopping board to cut your melt and pour into cube for melting, a jug or bown that is microwavable to melt it in and then as for moulds let your imagination take over, you can use tubs, pots, silicone cake moulds, ice cube trays etc you don't have to start by buying lots of specialist soap moulds.

If you are going to look at making soaps as a business then there is lots of legislation that you need to be aware of but for your own use you don't need to have safety assessments - so get creative!


You can find our melt and pour range here.

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