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Summer can be (other than Christmas) one of our busiest times of the year, with that in mind it is a good time to start thinking about how best to brand your products, get your name "out there" and hopefully pick up repeat custom.

A great way to advertise your business with every sale of soap or bathbombs is to consider printed ribbon, with our personalised printed ribbon you can choose to have your business name, a message or a lot of our customers have their website address... then with every sale that a customer takes home they have a little message from you.  It also looks very attractive and in our experience the soap slices which are wrapped with ribbon sell very, very well for our customers.

When you purchase printed ribbon from ourselves and opt to have your soap sliced we will ribbon each slice at the time of wrapping, each soap slice then carries your name, website or other message that you choose to have printed.  When buying bathbombs we tie each bag with your ribbon.

Take a look at the colour options below and feel free to message us with any questions, you can contact us here.  You can order personalised ribbon here on our website.

ribbon colours

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