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We have been busy adding to our range ready for the festive period, a new soap which is shortly to launch is our new Starry Night Soap - it looks and smells amazing!  A rich blue soap with bright yellow stars - it is stunning!  It is scented with a new fragrance which we love, it is a sensual, rich fragrance which I am sure you are all going to absolutely love!


We also have a new soap launching called bar of hearts (what are you thinking about our new soap names?  our feedback so far has been really positive and it's been lots of fun in the office trying to come up with suggestions...) this is a pale pink translucent bar with rich multi colour hearts floating through it - it is going to be huge hit I am sure...


Keep checking back for photos of our new range, you can find all of our existing soaps in our Wholesale Soap Loaves section.


Happy Shopping and Soaping

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