Here at The Soap House we have a range of courses from beginners to advanced level for making soaps and bathbombs, whether you are completely new and looking for a hobby or if you are wanting to further your skills we have a course to suit you.

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 An Introduction to Soap Making or Bathbomb Making Course

Our courses start with introduction/beginners courses, these are fantastic those who looking to learn a new skill, have fun and get creative.   You will learn the process of soap or bathbomb making, from ingredients through to making bathtime goodies and you get to take away all of the products that you make!  These courses are suitable for teens through to adults, they last approximately two hours and there is always soapy expert to hand to train you, assist and answer any queries.  Once you have been on this course (or any of our courses) you receive a loyalty card which will give you discounts on further courses for those wanting to widen their skills and also on ingredients which you can buy on the day if you wish to go home and continue making or you can buy through our website at a later date.

Advanced Soap Making or Bathbomb Making Course

We also offer intermediate courses these are a little more detailed that the beginners course and are suitable for those who have either already completed the beginners course or for those who have a little experience of making products at home.  Here for example you will learn about making soap loaves which are multi layer or have embedded shapes within them and in terms of bathbombs you will learn how to make larger batches, multi colour bathbombs and those which are a more professional design.  Again following completion of the course you can buy our soap or bathbomb making ingredients which are already at wholesale prices with a further loyalty discountl  This course is ideal for those wanting to perfect their skills or for those looking to start their own business selling their own hand crafted items.

Soap Cake Course

Our final course at present is the Soap Cake Course, here you will learn how to make triple layered soap cakes, these soaps are incredibly eye catching and are fun to make.


As it says above all of our soap or bath bomb course graduates will receive a discount on any further courses booked and also will receive a discount on any products purchased both on the day and in the future.  After each course the attendee will be given their voucher to take away along with a certificate of completion and their products made on the day.  This is all included in the course price.

Where you are booking more than one place on a course we are happy to give a 10% discount on the whole booking fee, or where you are booking more than one course at once, to qualify for the offer simply contact us and we will arrange your discount for you.

Our courses take place at weekends although we do regularly offer a mid week course if this is more suitable for you, we also offer private tuition where you can book us exclusively, in a private session the fee is a fixed rate whether you wish to attend on your own or come along with up to 3 other people, this is very useful for those who wish to begin making products together.  You can opt to just do the beginner course or we can arrange to do the beginner and advanced in one session and make the course a day long event, you can select the date of your course subject to our availability.   For further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you have any queries regarding courses or if you requrie a course to be specified to your exact needs please do not hesiate to contact us.  You can contact us by clicking here.